This is What Democracy Looks Like

 This not an an anti Trump video. This is not an anti Hillary video. I simply wanted to document my coverage of the protestors at the RNC and DNC conventions. This was my assignment for 710 WOR. I worked with the sound and the video that I compiled. I am extremely proud to be a woman in America and to have had the opportunity to witness the nomination of the first woman by a major party to run for President of the United States of America. I am extremely grateful to WOR and NBC Radio News Network for allowing me to experience this historic election.


HIR Podcast Class Election Thoughts

Take a group of kids from 4th grade to 8th grade and ask them where are they getting their information on America’s upcoming presidential election and here’s what they’ll tell you.

Well you have to listen to our latest podcast from Podcast Class, Hudson School.

From the mouths of babes…

Halloween Podcast with Hudson School Podcast Class

img_3189Podcasting Class is underway at the Hudson School
We’re learning the basics.  Getting use to talking to anyone, at any time about anything.
Using the Microphone properly. Forming questions while still trying to be conversational.
This is our first project and its not perfect.  We have mic levels all over the place as the kids learn placement for themselves
and the people they’re interviewing and some IPhone recording quality is also an issue.
But that’s what the class is about, figuring out all the little things that go into making a podcast and we’re just talking vocals.
I hope to post our progress on a regular basis.
I’m already so proud of every single one of my students.  They’re all smart, passionate and wildly enthusiastic.  Whats better than that?
Giant Peanut butter cups on Halloween maybe.

HIR has a sit down with Julio Fernandez

For the first time EVER Julio Fernandez is appearing with Spyro Gyra at the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival, September 25th. HIR is honored to have the opportunity to talk with this favorite Hoboken son and incredible talent. One of the most approachable, down to earth musicians I have ever interviewed Julio talks Spyro Gyra, the music biz and his Hoboken roots.julio-shot

Raising 911 Babies


I really struggled with this one. Teresa Cunningham is a 911 widow. Her son was 13 days old on the day her husband was killed on the 84th floor of the twin towers. Her challenges as a mom are monumental. Her son is going into high school and he has spent a lifetime wondering who his dad was and the trying to process the gravity of the day that forever changed his life and his moms. So I have decided to run the interview in its entirety, rather than try and edit it down into the perfect length for a podcast in the hope that somehow length represents quality.  You can hear clips on 710 WOR during Len and Todd in the morning on 9/9 . But for once, hear the whole story, maybe it will forever change your life.

Teresa’s husband was married to a Brit and so she was chosen to testify at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, also known as the 20th hijacker. She touches on that and at the end of the podcast she talks about what loved ones of those who died on 911 would really appreciate. Congressional action on The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act . 29 pages of the Joint Inquiry of Congress investigation into the U.S. government intelligence failures prior to 9/11 have been released and prove the Saudi’s had a hand in financing the terrorists responsible for 911. The legislation would make clear that “no foreign state is entitled to immunity for its involvement in a terrorist act on American Soil.

New Exhibit at 911 Museum : Artists Respond To 911

TWIN TOWERS SHOTI have a lump in my throat so big I can hardly swallow and tears well up in my eyes as I take the escalator down to Foundation Hall for a press preview of a new exhibit entitled “Rendering the Unthinkable” Artists Respond to 911.’’ I am with a group of reporters being escorted to Foundation Hall by elevator and our guide asks if we’ve been here before. Our response is a collective mutter to the affirmative.

We pass by the mangled fire truck from Ladder Company 3 and moments later a cameraman whispers, “it’s still weird to come down here” It is then I am reminded I am not alone. I am with my comrades who covered the tragic events of 911 and the days, the months and years that followed.

I remember a call from a family member, teetering on the brink of insanity having not heard from her husband, the commuter parking lot in Middletown NJ still full the next day because the drivers were never coming home, the pictures of the missing hanging on a fence. the row of ambulances empty not needed, the interview with one of the few survivors  of Ladder Company 3 the day after the attacks, who I cried with during a live report.

I don’t need to see the 9-11 museum. I lived it.

We are forever scarred. I am still repulsed by tourists smiling and taking pictures by the north and south pools. I am forever dogged by the memories now on display at the 911 Museum 15 years later.

As I waited for the press conference to begin I accepted the fact that it will never get any easier to cover this event year after year. It lives inside of me as a stark reminder that life is fragile and buildings no matter how new the technology to guard against terrorism, can fall in an instant and leave an indelible mark on a generation.

I am fortunate to share with you interviews of two of the artists whose works appear in the new exhibit at the 9-11 museum. They feel the same way I do, the same way a lot of us do and through their incredibly creative minds they are able to capture the emotions of a single day that left our nation weeping in disbelief and yet strong enough to go on.

Come see their work. Listen to the sounds that shaped our world on that fateful and horrifying day, bring your children and loved ones so they may attempt to grasp the gravity of the worst terror attack on US soil.

I realize I cannot blame or judge those who take pictures and smile  in front of artifacts and pools honoring the fallen, they will never know this day the way we do.

I can only hope and pray that somehow they get the message and that in some way it has an impact on their lives, whether be in the form of inspiration or service or simply an appreciation of all that we are, all that we have and all that we share as citizens of the greatest country on earth.

The exhibit opens September 12th.  For more information go to