Hoboken Business Leaders Speak Out Richard Mackiewicz

Could Washington Street be the Rodeo Drive Of New Jersey?

Richard Mackiewicz President of the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce thinks so.  In part 3 of our series What do Hoboken Businesses Need and Want from a new administration, Mackiewicz talks about his visions for Hobokens future including:

*Signs letting people know Washington Street is OPEN FOR BUSINESS during endless construction.

*Pop Up Stores

*a Hoboken Business Ambassador

Podcast Kids On the Hot Seat

Hot Seat Round 1

In podcast class we’re learning to ask questions. Trying to find out interesting things about student’s we go to school with everyday.  It’s an exercise to get the students in the habit of asking questions they feel compelled to ask, no matter what it is.  As you will hear this is an exceptional group. 

Halloween Podcast

Podcasting Class is underway at the Hudson School

We’re learning the basics.  Getting use to talking to anyone, at any time about anything. 

Using the Microphone properly. Forming questions while still trying to be conversational. 

This is our first project and its not perfect.  We have mic levels all over the place as the kids learn placement for themselves

and the people they’re interviewing and some IPhone recording quality is also an issue.

But that’s what the class is about, figuring out all the little things that go into making a podcast and we’re just talking vocals.

I hope to post our progress on a regular basis. 

I’m already so proud of every single one of my students.  They’re all smart, passionate and wildly enthusiastic.  Whats better than that? 

Giant Peanut butter cups on Halloween maybe.

HIR has a sit down with Julio Fernandez

For the first time EVER Julio Fernandez is appearing with Spyro Gyra at the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival, September 25th.  HIR is honored to have the opportunity to talk with this favorite Hoboken son and incredible talent.  One of the most approachable, down to earth musicians I have ever interviewed Julio talks Spyro Gyra, the music biz and his Hoboken roots. 

Raising 911 Babies

I really struggled with this one. Teresa Cunningham is a 911 widow.
Her son was 13 days old on the day her husband was killed on the 84th
floor of the twin towers. Her challenges as a mom are monumental. Her
son is going into high school and he has spent a lifetime wondering who
his dad was and the trying to process the gravity of the day that
forever changed his life and his moms. So I have decided to run the
interview in its entirety, rather than try and edit it down into the
perfect length for a podcast in the hope that somehow length represents
quality.  You can hear clips on 710 WOR during Len and Todd in the
morning on 9/9 . But for once, hear the whole story, maybe it will
forever change your life.

Teresa’s husband was married to a Brit
and so she was chosen to testify at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui,
also known as the 20th hijacker. She touches on that and at the end of
the podcast she talks about what loved ones of those who died on 911
would really appreciate. Congressional action on The Justice Against
Sponsors of Terrorism Act . 29 pages of the Joint Inquiry of Congress
investigation into the U.S. government intelligence failures prior to
9/11 have been released and prove the Saudi’s had a hand in financing
the terrorists responsible for 911. The legislation would make clear
that “no foreign state is entitled to immunity for its involvement in a
terrorist act on American Soil.