Hoboken Business Leaders Speak Out

Memo to Hoboken’s New Mayor from local Business leaders.
Here’s what they need, here’s what they want.
This podcast series begins with the obvious. The Washington Street Project and a sit down with Eugene Flinn.

Flinn is a long time businesses owner in Hoboken and on Washington Street. With Amanda’s, the Elysian Cafe and Schnackenburg’s on his resume, he had plenty to say about the project that’s full of surprises. The 17.5 million dollar project was overwhelmingly approved by city council in 2016. Bump outs and repaving, everyone expected, but no one was counting on the removal of over a dozen trees. Flinn has posted laminated signs on the the trees saying “ This tree is being cut down for curb extensions. Call the Mayor and voice your concern.” But its not all about trees. Listen to what else Flinn has to say.



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