It’s Springuary 21st!

I think it almost hit 80 degrees today in Hoboken.  It said 78 degrees in my car when I spent my usual mid day looking for a parking spot.  My windows were down, my sleeves were rolled up, my hair, still wet from the gym was blowing in the breeze and I thought sure I was transported to June.  How many people ate outside today?


Shorts, Tank Tops, flip flops, skirts, bare legs, babies in carriages, babies dragging their parents to the waterfront, bikes, whatthe?

and ICE CREAM.  I never saw so many people eating ice cream on February 21st on the streets of Hoboken.  I mean if you weren’t eating ICE CREAM I don’t think you were alive today.  Treasure this day, mark it down on your calendar, put it in a bottle and sell it, cause the ice cream will be but a dream when  those ice storms hit in March.




Hoboken Business Leaders Speak Out Part 2 Roger Muller

Roger Muller is a Hoboken Institution.  He runs an insurance business on Washington Street started by his grandfather in 1906.  What does he need and want from a new administration?  Well the Washington Street project takes another hit, along with bump outs and bike lanes.

He’s got some suggestions too, like resources from the state and county to help deal with the homeless, build and ice rink and a pool and above all, let’s forgetabout party lines and work together for a better Hoboken,





Hoboken’s Talking about Biggies Clam House. So Big….

“Before Hoboken was known for restaurants , bars
and double parked cars, it was known for Biggie’s Clam House.
Biggies was started in 1946 by Joe Biggie Yaccarino, one of 12 children,
who was an infant when his parents brought him to Hoboken from
Naples Italy in 1900.
Today the Patriarch of the family business is Michael Brother Biggie Yaccarino.
In this edition of Hoboken’s Talking, Hoboken Historian Len Luzzi and Roger J. Muller Jr.
talk with Brother Biggie about his life, his family and his business, all three of which
have become Hoboken Icons. Brother Biggie tells stories about Hoboken from a time when Hoboken was HOBOKEN! “
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HIR Podcast Class Election Thoughts

Take a group of kids from 4th grade to 8th grade and ask them where are they getting their information on America’s upcoming presidential election and here’s what they’ll tell you.

Well you have to listen to our latest podcast from Podcast Class, Hudson School.

From the mouths of babes…

Halloween Podcast with Hudson School Podcast Class

img_3189Podcasting Class is underway at the Hudson School
We’re learning the basics.  Getting use to talking to anyone, at any time about anything.
Using the Microphone properly. Forming questions while still trying to be conversational.
This is our first project and its not perfect.  We have mic levels all over the place as the kids learn placement for themselves
and the people they’re interviewing and some IPhone recording quality is also an issue.
But that’s what the class is about, figuring out all the little things that go into making a podcast and we’re just talking vocals.
I hope to post our progress on a regular basis.
I’m already so proud of every single one of my students.  They’re all smart, passionate and wildly enthusiastic.  Whats better than that?
Giant Peanut butter cups on Halloween maybe.

Long Gone Daddy At Mile Square Theater

HIR DADDY 2HIR Sits Down With Joseph Gallo to chat about his new play being presented at Mile Square Theater entitled, “Long Gone Daddy.”

Long Gone Daddy chronicles the comic misadventures of becoming a stay-at-home father. From Bruce Springsteen concerts to OBGYN appointments to the Hoboken playgrounds and back again, Gallo’s semi-autobiographical play also wrestles with the memory of his own Dad, a former fireman, and the existential question, “When does a father earn the right to be called Dad?”

Recommended for audiences 16 and up.

Thurs-Sat @ 8pm • Sun @ 3pm
Tickets: $20 • $12 students/seniors

JULY 20 Preview
Wednesday, July 20 @ 8pm
Tickets: $18


Big Ticket with Kevin Gregory Episode 5

Big TicketHe’s Baaaaacccckkkk and he’s better than ever!!!
Big Ticket with Kevin Gregory returns to Hoboken Internet Radio!

Big Ticket is back with Episode 5!  Featuring the Return of the Sarge, taking the Walk / Don’t Walk issue head-on in Hoboken.  Plus a new Uber interviews, and of course a mixed bag of great tunes.