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Mets Fans Suffer PTMS

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I had the pleasure of going to Mets country this morning. I talked to literally
dozens of “Mets fans maybe not sure yet” who seemed reluctant to embrace the excitement of the first time
the Mets have gone to the playoffs in how many years?

“We are Tampa fans now” said two sisters walking out of the convenience store and
then one stopped and said but “I’ll always love my Mets!”
“Where is your blue?” I shouted ,”your orange! “These are moving clothes'” they shot
it back. PTMS?

I went into the local bakery I asked if there was a special Mets doughnut. A Mets
cookie . A Mets cake. Nothing! I walked into the 7-11 No Mets Slurpee? A blue
Slurpee? PTMS
Finally I walked into the bagel shop.” No blue bagel no Mets bagel?” I shouted.
People just looked at me and then I saw a man sitting at a table perplexed by my
desperate search for true Mets fan to go live with me on the morning show. “Are you
a Mets fan,” I asked.”I am but I don’t know, let’s see how they do in the
playoffs.””What no blue no orange no cap no wait! I see blue underneath your
shirt!”? “Too soon,” he replied,” Too soon.”
People darted to the subway station. A few in a Mets hat or Jersey making sure they
kept their gaze straight ahead and they seemed to walk the fastest. What did they
fear, I wondered again. To be left with a ball and a bat and nothing to show for it
after all these almost amazing years?
I was confused by this phenomenon at first but after careful observation, I realized
fans are suffering from Post Traumatic METS Syndrome. So severe it plunges the loyal
fan into deep depression. They don’t want to go back to that dark place they wound
up in after coming “this close” How many times?
Today some fans feared the hat, they buried the blue, opted out of orange and they
wait. They hope the baseball Gods are with them. May they sanction the only cure, to
believe, to be amazing and show up for practice on
Mets lets wipe out PTMS today!