Hoboken’s Talking about Biggies Clam House. So Big….

“Before Hoboken was known for restaurants , bars
and double parked cars, it was known for Biggie’s Clam House.
Biggies was started in 1946 by Joe Biggie Yaccarino, one of 12 children,
who was an infant when his parents brought him to Hoboken from
Naples Italy in 1900.
Today the Patriarch of the family business is Michael Brother Biggie Yaccarino.
In this edition of Hoboken’s Talking, Hoboken Historian Len Luzzi and Roger J. Muller Jr.
talk with Brother Biggie about his life, his family and his business, all three of which
have become Hoboken Icons. Brother Biggie tells stories about Hoboken from a time when Hoboken was HOBOKEN! “
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Hobokens Talking with Roger Muller


April 25, 2016

The oldest family run business in Hoboken was started way back in 1906 by John Muller. It’s been one hundred and ten years and ever since Muller insurance has been providing Hoboken residents with their insurance needs along with the personal touch that only a home town family run business can provide. In this edition of Hoboken’s Talking we talk with Roger Muller, who along with his sister Erika, is the third generation to continue the family tradition. Roger enjoys hockey, scuba diving and fishing but his real affection is for the city of Hoboken, it’s people and it’s history.