Hoboken Arts and Music Festival Features SJ&TM


Sylvana Joyce And The Moment At Hoboken Arts and Music Festival

April 11, 2016

I know Leon Russell will be out on a Tight Rope singing that song for you at the Hoboken Arts and Music festival May 1st and I am excited about that.  But I am even MORE excited that Sylvana Joyce and the Moment is performing.  Lady Gaga’s got nothing on Sylvana Joyce, her songs are moving, heartfelt and theatrical.  Her voice is silky smokey smooth and her band is red hot.  SJ&TM were featured on Hoboken Internet Radio when they played the Grove last Spring and Sylvana was so entertaining and had so many wonderful things to say about Hoboken, I had to give it another airing.  Check her out.  Two of her songs are featured here.  And you can find out more at www.sjandthemoment.com.